Monday, 19 September 2011

Give Away Winner!!

Firstly huge apologies it has taken a while to draw the winner of my giveaway!

Now, I know there are fancy systems like the Random Generator or whatever it's called for selecting winners but I much prefer the old fashioned method of picking a piece of paper out of the bowl, unfold it and see whose name is written on it!

So, this afternoon I wrote all the names on slips of paper and asked my daughter to choose one!

And the winner is .......

Lisa-Jane !!!

You win all of this! Well Done!

I will be back soon to announce the brand new S J Crafts Design Team.
I had a tough time choosing from all the applicants but got there in the end!


Lisa-Jane said...

Woo hoo! Thank you Sarah! I shall look forward to that. The colours in the Abrianna collection are yummy!

Jo said...

Congratulations Lisa-Jane, what a lovely start to the week :D