Tuesday, 5 May 2015

One More Selfie Layout

If you are the parent of young teenagers or "tweens" (10-12 year olds) you will, no doubt, know all about the obsession with selfies for this age group!!

For this layout I took inspiration from this layout by Els Brige. Although I loved the banners on Els's layout, they didn't work for me as my photo was slightly larger than hers so I dcided to layer up some 6 x 6 papers from the Crate "Notes and Things" paper pad behind my photo. The diagonal thin striped paper  at the back is still a 6" x 6" sheet but I cut it in half and adhered it with a gap between the two pieces so that the paper would show on both sides of the photo mat.
I used a Stampin' up heart stencil to create the hearts on the background cardstock.
I loved this photo that my daughter took of herself on her mobile phone whilst out on a family winter walk and couldn't wait to scrap it.

It's a plainer page than I would normally make but I like it as  I think it keeps the focus on the photo.
Have you scrapped selfies that your family have taken of themselves?


Jennie Hart said...

What a beautiful layout, and daughter. I love that Crate Paper.

Funnily enough I have just blogged about us messing around taking silly selfies on a winter walk lol.

scrappyjacky said...

Love this layout....though it's not just teens....my 20something daughters are obsessed with them as well.
p.s. I'll definately be making an America album.

Louise said...

it must be a girl thing. i have to bribe my three these days to take a selfie!!

A beautiful page, H is growing up fast x

kjjc said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Julia said...

Fab photo and fab page too. I like the simpler look x

Becky said...

Lovely layout. My niece is 12 and ALWAYS posting selfies on Instagram! Having said that, my daughter is 24 and also posts lots of selfies - but not the 'pouting' type which the younger girls seem to do!

Louise H said...

Love the page - unfortunately the 'pouting type' (duck face as I tell my daughter) is all she seems to do. She's Y7 so I'm hoping it is a faze she will outgrow soon!

Jo said...

That is a beautiful layout and a great photo x